среда, 6 июня 2012 г.

Poem for girls about boys

This poem will be of interest to all the girls ))) Of course, no offense to the guys - all in comic form, and without figures ))) enjoyed himself!.

Everyone knows that Vadim -.
Tygodym and unsociable.
Without a doubt, every Shreds -.
Stoppotsentny alcoholic.

According to statistics, Andpey -.
Hikakoy or evpey.
And every y Sepezhi.
Dyp written in pozhe.

Each vstpechenny Vitali.
It consists of anomalies.
Do any of Misha.
Most rides kpysha.

Each vstpechenny Oleg -.
Amopalny people.
Pyst nadenyt yubky of Fame -.
Are played lychshie slut!.

And, as usual, Valepy.
Zhpyt and drink without mepy.
Povstpechaetsya Ivan -.
Glybzhe money ppyach in kapman.

In the words of any tpeh Alyosha.
Evil, vpedny, nehoposhy.
And any of vstpechnyh Sash -.
Heydachlivy topgash.

Everyone knows that every Vlad -.
Petty and slick gadik.
Any Igopka.
Member of no more than pyzypka.

And, to ppimepy, Jurassic -.
Mean natypy.
Each vstpechenny Anton.
Hezateyliv as condom.

And always. povepte, Vova.
Seksyalno not ready.
Drunk or tpezvy Victor -.
Lychshe spit and yydite!.

As always, ydachliv Dima -.
Whatever you do, all by.
H and a light at the Eugene.
Not worth yvazhenya.

And, of course, that the novels -.
napkomany polls.

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