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In February, acquainted with the channels of Universal Channel and Animal Planet!

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From February 1 to February 29. totally free acquainted with popular TV channels - with entertainment television channel Universal Channel and Animal Planet channel with stunning footage of the animal world, our planet in all its diversity.
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  • Channel Universal Channel broadcast ...

  • Channel Animal Planet - Button 24.

We wish you pleasant viewing!.

Channels on an ongoing basis. Universal Channel. and. Animal Planet. broadcast as part of the package ...
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About your new channels:.

Universal Channel ( key 103). - A high-class entertainment channel, popular in 98 countries around the world. This is the most popular and discussed in the world of entertainment and show program. It's more than TV, you just look, they are heroes who are you really empathize, it's fun, in which you are completely immersed. Emotions - is the essence of Universal Channel. The energy and charisma of the main characters of the iconic show channel, full of stories and vivid characters make the world of TV Universal strongest impressions.

Animal Planet ( button 208). - Stunning photography and wildlife of our planet in all its diversity, the opportunity to see rare species of fauna, interesting stories about everything that runs, flies, crawls, swims, and all it involves to screen adults and children.

Go ahead - to new discoveries, together with the Star Trek TV!.

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