четверг, 24 мая 2012 г.

Take it and listen...

I am writing a report on the system. And glazonki not want to look at the analysis of the figures, and the head does not want to delve into the descriptions of activities.

I think, give a look at ' good ' site, there is a sudden new mix Sklerozini Muzzak? .

' Imagine you're back at sea somewhere in the evening with the guys stole grapes, smashing his knees, crossed skalapendru a mantis, or committing other acts of kindness. You go in the lung disorder, Burnt by the Sun. Jokes subsided, you appeased. Drunk fun euphoria gave way to a peaceful bliss. You go, swaying, hurrying to his cell, or sanatorium ...

Indeed, soon night.

And at night oox) Morachko. '.

Now the report is easier for him to write.

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