пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

Out Satellite-X 4.1.4

* bugfix.
* CML parser - now the band is emitted as a whole, not just top post.
* Ajax - editing of articles and news on the site - simplifies the editing of material.

ofsayta -. satellite-x. ru. There is everything about the script, including an updated and comprehensive manual.
Direct link to purchase. After purchasing you must activate Invite. bablorub. ru. - That distribution will be in the ' Your license ', and access to the club - as a gift for every purchase.

After purchase, you can have at the club dopriobresti any license with a 30% discount - see ' Your license '.


Spomoni propiarit asked his new post on how. where to live webmaster. But I was still in Russia as well. Although difficult for me to call themselves webmaster. The club, by the way, curious discussion on the topic,. who appears in the Offline. , Being a web designer.

And write me something on the forum botmaster2. ru and earnmaster. ru. I guess my new PR instructions for satellites. Throw off my review in the comments or soap masterxbablorub @ gmail. com, who goes there.

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